Enlarged map Maruya

Address: Postal Code 399-9301
  5772 Happo, Hakuba, Nagano JAPAN
TEL: 0261-72-2351

■3 minutes by shuttle from the ski lift at Happo One. We have Free shuttle to Happo One! 10-15 minutes walk from the slope.
■2 minutes walk from the bus terminal.
■1 minute walk from Lawson(convenience store)

■By Car

Tokyo Chuo H.W・Nagano HW Toyoshina IC Hakuba Happo Maruya [4h]
Tokyo Kan-etsu・Jyoshinetsu HW Nagano IC Hakuba Happo Maruya [4h]
Nagoya Chuo HW・Nagano HW Toyoshina IC Hakuba Happo Maruya [3.5h]

■By Train

Tokyo station Shinkansen Asama (Bullet Train) Nagano station Alpico Bus Hakuba Happo Maruya [2.5h]
Shinjyuku station Super Limited Express Azusa Hakuba station Maruya         [3.5h]
Nagoya Limited Express Shinano Matsumoto station Ooito line Hakuba Maruya [3.5h]

■By Bus

Shinjyuku Keio Highway Bus Hakuba Happo Maruya [4.5h] (All season)
Nagoya/Osaka/Kyoto Ski Express Bus Hakuba Happo Maruya [4h] (Winter season only)
Osaka/Kyoto Highway Bus Hakuba Happo Maruya [6h] (All season)

Area/Sight seeing

☆Day Trips and Excursions from Hakuba☆

MUST VISIT PLACES: Zenko-ji Temple [ One of Japan's oldest temples, built in the early 7th century. Nagano-city was originally built as a town for this temple. 45 minutes from Hakuba.

Matsumoto-jyo (Matsumoto Castle) [ One of four castles designated as "National Treasures of Japan" and the oldest castle donjon remaining in Japan.

We have many more recommended sight seeing locations in this area, please visit the following sites.

Happo One Ski resort Hakuba Jamp Stadium
Mt Hakuba/Northern Alps Nireike pond, Matsukawa river
Tsugaike Nature Park 3 Nishina Lakes
Kurobe Dam Azumino
Zenkouji Temple Matsumoto Castle
Kamikouchi Alps Parks
Sea of Japan Goryu
Hakuba47 Iwatake
Tsugaike Cortina
Norikura Sanosaka

From Hakuba, you can visit many destinations.

If you are interested in outdoors in Hakuba,
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Happo One
Hakuba Village