Natural Hot Onsen Spa


Hakuba Happo Onsen:
The spring is also known as the Spa of Beauty. It has the country's highest alkaline level(ph 11.34) and makes your skin smooth and beautiful. Enjoy the moment of peace in our Onsen spa.
◆Origin: Hakuba Happo Onsen
◆Spring Content: High Alkali
◆Efficacy: Neuralgia, Join pain, Stiff muscles, High blood pressure, Skin problems, fatigue relief, etc.
◆Hours 6:00~9:00 16:00~23:00

Local Specialties


Maruya-ryokan offers you all hand-made local specialties with local ingredients. We are committed for serving delicacies of each seasonal food that are best served and enjoyed in the season. You can enjoy our home grown vegetables right from our garden in the summer! If you haven't tried it yet, try our also home-made plum wine! Very rich in taste.

Home-made apple pie! With apples from the local orchard. Nagano is famous with its apples.


We proudly introduce you Japan’s best sake!! Shinshu (Nagano) produces many famous sake! Enjoy it cold/warm as you may like.

Maruya harvests its own rice in every September. Come and try our home- grown sweet and very sticky rice!! It the best rice you can have!!☆


We also make mochi (rice-cake) rice at our paddy field. Once you have it, you can’t forget it!♪

We serve breakfast and dinner in the dining room. From the dining room, you can also see the view of the Northern Alps!! A breath taking view of Happo One.
For vegetarians and people with allergies: Please contact us in advance.
Children’s Menu: We can arrange meals for children(~12 years old)
If you wish to use the Party room, please contact us in advance.
Shinshu Beef " sukiyaki " is also available in advanced reservation. ( ¥ 4000 for two) very popular!


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Guest Rooms

Our relaxed tatami style Japanese rooms offer you a comfortable and peaceful time away from busyness. Awake to picturesque views of Happo One and Japan Alps, one of the finest ski slopes in Japan and around the world. Our guest rooms offer you dynamic and perfect panoramic views of the mountains.

The Big Room

Guests can use this big space for party and meetings. For the use, please contact us in advance.



Enjoy the time with your family or friends in the big comfortable chairs....or apre ski drinks with other guests.

Basement Floor

Ski and Snowboard Locker room, Boots and gear dry room, Ski maintenance table


Vending machine, Laundry, Massage chair, Wi-Fi, Free parking.


Discount Ski Lift Tickets, Ski/Snowboard arrangements, Free shuttle to and from Happo One, Forward luggage services, Locker room, Home-made Nozawana(Japanse pickles) with your drinks before or after dinner and with dinner!

Check-in Check-out

  • Check-in 15:00
  • Check-out 10:00